Assignment #1

Question #3

A. My intended goal for this campaign is to really try and “sell” my blog to users. I want people to thoroughly enjoy reading my blogs and the content that I provide them with. I want them to continue coming back and checking out my blog posts week after week, overall hoping to achieve what I’d like to call a “loyal reader.” I want to be able to deliver my audience with quality content that they want to read. Another intended goal I have, is for users to sign up for the Trend or Trash newsletter. I want users to sign up for my newsletter because I want to be able to keep them updated on news, upcoming events and even blogs that are coming soon. By having users sign up for the Trend or Trash newsletter, it will help me better understand how involved and how interested users really are with my blog.

B. As a blogger it is my goal to provide readers with what they want. My goal is to be able to create quality content that users are interested in and want to read more about. I am writing my blog for my users. I want to be able to help them out and answer the questions they want answers for. I am writing this blog for my target audience, which is young to middle aged females, roughly between the ages of 18-40. I know that this is a rather large audience size, but I found that this segment of women is typically interested in keeping up with the latest trends and upcoming styles. My goal is to be able to be their “go to” spot for all things fashion related and help them stay up to date with fashion.

C. I will be creating a unique and interactive, yet educational experience for visitors who check out my blog. Trend or Trash is not your “average” blog. What is unique about Trend or Trash is that we ask our readers to send us in their fashion and trend questions, along with a picture. Then each week we will review a selected trend and educate our readers if it’s a trend or if it’s trash. This “Q&A” styled blog gets readers to interact with us and send us in their questions. Our job is to educate our readers about fashion trends and by developing content specifically targeted to our readers, it will not only be beneficial for them but for the Trend or Trash blog as well.


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