Assignment #2

Question #1

  1. Based on in class discussions, I believe that headlines are not just important but crucial for web content. Headlines are the “gateway” to content. They are everything for us and the universal representation of our story. The goal of a headline is to get users to click and read your content, so make your headline short, easy, to the point and avoid trying to be “clever.” Digital users are very impatient and fasting moving. They tend to scroll through pages quickly and read in an “F-Pattern.” In order to get readers to click on your article, video, blog etc., you need to attract attention and spark their interest.

    Attracting Attention from readers is 50% of the headlines job. This step is
    critical because if your headline fails to attract attention, you lose out on a click.

For example, recently I clicked and viewed a link where I found a headline that
sparked my interest. The title of this headline was “8 Trends Celebrities Are
Loving For Spring.” The reason I chose to click this headline was because it was
something of interest to me and it grabbed my attention. The headline made me
want to read more as it promises to deliver me with not only one, but eight trends
that celebrities are loving for this upcoming Spring. I would say that the headline
was quite strong and was doing its job well as it did in fact make me want to read
more and click on the link.

“8 Trends Celebrities Are Loving For Spring” Sarah Boyd, January 28th, 2017,


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