Assignment #2

Question #4

4. One great headline that I recently came across was one based on Abby Lee Miller, dance teacher from the hit reality TV series “Dance Moms.” The headline said “Is Abby Lee Miller in Prison Yet? Details on Her 2017 Sentencing.” This headline resonated with me because it really got me intrigued as to what the latest details were in her recent hearing. This is an example of a great headline because it demonstrates a promise of value. The headline is promising to provide readers with “Details on Her 2017 Sentencing” and providing readers with all the FAQ’s and information they know regarding the case. This headline is great because if people want to know the details, they can just read this article. This single article provides readers with all the details on her recent and past hearings, as well as her current status – if she is in jail or not. It is more convenient for readers to read this article based on others because everything is in one article, rather than looking and reading at multiple articles explaining each separate hearing.

I also really like how this headline is asking a question. Since there are so many rumours and so much press right now, it’s hard to know what article is true and which is not. By putting the headline as “Is Abby Lee Miller in Jail Yet?” it is asking readers if she’s really in jail or not, and then providing them with “Details on Her 2017 Sentencing.”


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