Assignment #2

Question #2

2. After the headline caught my attention, I decided that I would read the article and be educated on the trends coming this Spring. After reviewing the post, I can honestly say that the headline was in fact representative of the article. The headline was strong because it gave readers like myself a little taste of what the article was going to be about, without actually giving everything away. The writer did a great job of trying to spark the audiences interest. By having a headline saying “8 Trends Celebrities Are loving For Spring” makes readers want to know what exactly these new “spring trends” are and where, how and if they should invest in them.

One other thing that I really liked about this headline was how the writer incorporated “celebrities” as influencers. Everyone knows that we all look to celebrities for fashion and we can agree that “trends” play a huge role in our purchasing decision. If celebrities are wearing it, we know that the “trend” is going to be big, therefore resulting in people purchasing products based on celebrities’ styles. This headline was very strong, was short, sweet, to the point, avoided “pain” by not making readers think, as well as did a great job compelling the article and bringing in a large group of readers.


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