Assignment #2

Question #3

3. In class, we discussed many elements that are associated with developing a strong headline. If I had to change the headline of this article, I would change it to one of the following headlines….

  • “PHOTOS: Trends Celebrities Are Loving This Spring”

I would choose to go with a headline like this over the original headline, “8 Trends Celebrities Are Loving For Spring” because I feel as though it draws more interest to readers. I feel like if I incorporate the word “PHOTOS:” into my headline that it will draw in a larger group of people. Digital Users are lazy and very impatient. If they see a huge, lengthy article about trends, chances are they will not read through the entire article. By having “PHOTOS:” in the headline, more people will decide to click on the link because they are interested in seeing images of the trends celebrities are wearing, rather than reading a lengthy description of what the “trend” actually is.

  • “Celebrities Reveal Their Go-To Trends For Spring 2017”

I think that this would also be a great option as a different headline. What I really like about this headline is how much potential it has to draw in readers. By having the headline say “Celebrities Reveal” it makes it seem as though readers are exclusively finding out celebrities’ spring trends. By incorporating the word “reveal” in the headline, it makes a promise to readers that throughout this article it will explain celebrities’ “secrets” for their Spring 2017 Trends. Again, we all look to celebrities for styles and fashion “fads” and “trends” so by having the headline say “Celebrities Reveal Their Go-To Trends For Spring 2017” it will make readers feel as though they can keep up with celebrities’ styles and be just as fashionable as the celebrities this upcoming Spring.

  • “8 Trends Celebrities Are Obsessing Over This Spring”

This headline is one of my favorite options for this article. I think that it provides just the right amount of “spark” that will interest readers when they come across this article without giving away all the details of this article. This headline is designed to get readers to click on the link and read the article, so I like how it is short and to the point, yet still is captivating. This headline incorporates AIDA. It attracts attention from readers, it sparks readers interest, making them want to find out what the trends are this Spring, gets them desired to purchase and try out these trends and lastly action, having them wear these trends.


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