Assignment #3

Question #1

  1. Plain Language Writing is writing in a manner where your content is clear, concise and correct. It is extremely important when developing content for your website that you include Plain Language Writing because it prevents your audience from getting lost, not being able to find what they are looking for, dreading to read your content, etc. Plain Language Writing should not be taken in a way as though you are “dumbing it down” to the lowest common denominator. It simply means looking at your audience as actual people, respecting their time and providing them with exactly what they need and want.

    If the reader can go onto your website and find exactly what they need, understand the content, as well as use it to fulfil their purpose then the website is doing its job well. In order to write in Plain Language effectively, just like with every other component to your website, you need to know your audience. You need to take the time to know who your audience really is and to find out exactly what they need. It’s about your audience, writing in a manner that gives your audience what they want by fulfilling their needs. If you screw up your audience then it wont be beneficial to your website.


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