Assignment #3

Question #2

2. Both digital content development and traditional content development are different from each other, but both do have some similarities. At the end of the day, content no matter what platform serves a goal (unless you are non-profit,) and that goal is to sell a product/service. The key in today’s day and age is to move from selling to serving people and serving them value.

Traditional content development is content that is developed for more “traditional” mediums such as magazines, newspapers, etc. When developing traditional content for these mediums, we tend to write in a more professional way. Traditional content development is developing content that is well written and thought out. Traditional content is always grammatically correct, lengthy and includes several high vocabulary words.

Digital Content Development is developing content for more digital platforms such as Smart Phones, Online Web, etc. Digital content is very different from traditional because unlike traditional content, digital is very straight and narrow, brief and to the point. The content is short, sweet and easy to find. Digital users tend to be very lazy, they want to be able to find what they are looking for at the exact time they’re looking for it.


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