Assignment #3

Question #4

4. My new post addresses many of the main aspects that were discussed in class. One of the aspects it addresses is writing for my audience. In my introduction post I made sure to write in a style and tone that is directly speaking to my audience. My blog has a very personal feel to it making users feel like they are able to share their ideas, ask questions and provide us with their thoughts. I included very simple, clear and precise words to make my introduction post as easy and straight forward as possible.

Another aspect my introduction addressed was organizing the information logically and setting it up correctly. When writing my introduction I felt that it went in order of telling users who we are, what we are, our goals, what we plan to do, and then providing a call to action. It’s important that my introduction is in logical order so it makes sense for users who are reading it. I wouldn’t include my call to action in the 1st sentence because users wouldn’t even know what “Trend or Trash” is yet. Putting everything in logical order is crucial when designing good content.

The next aspect my introduction addresses is writing content for action. When developing content you need to write for a purpose. You need to ask yourself what do you want your audience to do? In my case, I’m trying to get users to read my Trend or Trash blog every Monday, as well as get users to email in what “trends” they would like us to review. I chose to use action words like “check us out” and “be sure to send us” making users feel a sense of urgency to come back and check out the website at a later date.

Another aspect my introduction addresses is keeping the text as short as possible. Unlike my original introduction, I made sure that my sentences were as short and sweet as possible. I found summarizing and writing a condensed version of my original post to be much more effective because users can now get all the important information they need and want without having all the extras and unneeded, repetitive content. I made sure to include point form and use key points throughout my introduction and completely avoided writing long, in depth paragraphs.

Lastly, the final aspect my introduction addresses is content that is designed for reading patterns. Like I stated earlier, users tend to scan through content and only really read what it is they’re looking for and/or content that stands out to them. When writing this introduction to my website, I made sure to design it in a way where it’s easy to scan the content and still get my message across. I made sure that the words I incorporated weren’t anything too crazy and over the top and made sure it was easy for users to read.


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