Assignment #3

Question #5

5. There were many things that I did differently in my new introduction post that were different than that what I originally included. My new introduction post includes content that was written and designed using the F-Pattern, as well as incorporated Plain Language Writing. Reading through my first and original introduction post I came to the realization that there were many errors. It was very lengthy and wordy, repetitive and incorporated a lot of content that wasn’t needed.

I decided to go through my original introduction post and remove all the content that wasn’t needed, get rid of the wordiness by condensing the information to only key and important details as well as got rid of all the “jargon.” I decided to incorporate Plain English Writing into my introduction and write in a style that is easy for users to reads and understand yet still remain to spark their interest and get my message across.

I also thought that it would be a good idea to write in more of an F-Pattern, as I didn’t in my original post. Digital users are lazy, they don’t read, they skim. It wouldn’t be beneficial to include large paragraphs of information that go on and on because users won’t take the time to read it. If it’s something that sparks the users interest they will just skim through the content until they find what they are looking for. This is where the F-Pattern can be used to our advantage. By implementing the F-Pattern I am writing in such a style that allows users to get all of the information they want and need, while being able to condense it down tremendously and include point form details, pictures, etc.

I feel as though that my new introduction post is way more effective than my original introduction post, and I think by utilizing the F-Pattern and Plain English Writing that it will make my introduction way more clear, precise, and effective.


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