Assignment #5

Question #1

1. Creating and writing content for social media platforms is much different than it is for websites. Every bit of content we develop is different, and no content should be the exact same as other platforms.



Based on what we discussed in class, when writing content for websites you need to have a strong understanding of who your audience is, the objective of the content, the product/service, as well as all the who, what, why’s and how’s for your product/service.


We tend to look at 4 things called “The Four Big’ns” when it comes to website content, that is…

  • Brevity
  • Simplicity
  • Clarity
  • Humanity



  • Cut down on the words, keep it short and to the point
  • Contain components of Plain English writing
  • Keep it clean and short


  • Incorporate structure
  • Ensure readers know what they’re looking at, keep it simple
  • Do “The Ralph Test”



  • Do your homework
  • Know who your audience is, what your product does, what your audience wants, etc. (5 W’s)

When writing for web it’s important to incorporate writing strategies such as incorporating bullets and points, creating content that is conversational, only including content that is necessary, tell your story, incorporate calls to action, use visual images, etc.


You cannot write for web unless you know what your product and/or service is, what it’s created for, why it was invented, who can use it, when do you use it, etc. It’s important that you address all of the “W’s” when creating web content to ensure that the user is being provided with all of the information that they are looking for and need.


Social Media:

Social media content is different than other platforms. The content must be relevant to users while still remaining to get the point across. Ideally, there are no rules when creating content for social media platforms, but at the same time, is full of rules. This primarily means that you have the ability to pretty much write whatever you want, but it’s only a matter of time until you begin to generate backlash from users addressing the content.


The goal of social media content is to get users engaging. If people are sharing your content with one another on social media platforms it’s a “boost of confidence.” It’s conversational and allows people to jump into conversations and tell us what they’re doing. By listening it allows us to be able to respond back to users continuing to contribute to that conversation.


When creating content it’s important that you write in a way that users can easily scan your content. Social media is scanning. Users scroll down their timelines scanning through posts to see your post, so it’s crucial that you write in a way that users can easily scan through. It’s important to note that content should be different on every social media platform you use. These platforms could be…

  • Twitter
  • Youtube
  • Facebook
  • Instagram


  • Be sure to create content under 140 characters to allow retweets
  • Take it easy on hashtags as hashtags are used for discovery purposes, to discover pages, products, service, etc
  • Don’t hashtag just to hashtag, use it for your purpose



  • Content in the title of the video, the “snippet,” video cover, etc.
  • The content is what gets users to click and watch the videos
  • Incorporate a video/picture cover that sparks interest in users to get them to click



  • Don’t “pitch and ditch” stay on Facebook after to engage with users
  • Incorporate visual images to keep content interesting
  • Ensure that your Facebook posts are under 250 characters to generate 60% more engagement



  • Use high quality images that get users engaged
  • Use images that trigger emotions and feelings

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