Assignment #5

Question #2

2. As per class discussion, Social Media Brand Voice is the overall identity and personality of who your brand is as a whole. It’s the overall feel and mood of your brand that you present on social media platforms. These personalities and feels are portrayed through your content that you develop for these social media platforms. Social Media Brand Voice can be divided into four separate elements; Characters/Persona, Tone, Language and Purpose.

The Character/Persona of your brand is a fictitious character that can be developed for your brand that portrays all of the characteristics and traits your brand aligns themselves with. This character should have personality traits and qualities of your brand voice that you would like to portray on social media platforms.

For example, Kellogg’s Fruit Loops cereal character Toucan Sam. Toucan Sam is a fictitious character that Kellogg’s plays off of for their Fruit Loops Cereal. Toucan Sam portrays a very playful, friendly and fun-loving personality on all social media platforms Fruit Loops align themselves with. Toucan Sam, being a very friendly and fun loving character makes users feel like the brand is very approachable and friendly as well which helps the brand bring in new customers as well as engage with them on social media platforms.

Tone is the overall “feel” or vibe that your brand portrays. The content you develop for your social media platforms should portray this tone so all of your social media posts align themselves with one common “feel.” Tone should demonstrate how you’re going to communicate with users online, how you’ll engage in conversations, etc. Brands often fall into “social media fails” when it comes to tone. It’s important to do a quality check on your post to make sure your content is meeting the specific tone your brand has chosen to portray.

For example, if you’re representing a brand as a whole your tone must be professional (unless stated otherwise.) When you are coming up with social media content it’s best to stay away from potentially racist comments, using tragedies to sell commercial products (twin tower example) etc, because then your brand is reflected poorly and gives off the wrong impression to users.

Language is the type of words you are planning to incorporate within your social media content and conversations online. When developing content and communicating with users on social media, it’s important to implement Plain Language. It’s important to write in Plain Language because brands can’t assume that every user and customer is highly educated. Everyone is different so it’s important to write in a way that all users are able to read and understand what your brand is trying to say.

For example, when you go to the doctors and they tell you what’s wrong and prescribe you with medication. They tend to use terms that we aren’t familiar with leaving us thinking “what is wrong with me” or “what medication am I taking?” This is how users are on social media if companies use language that is not familiar to them. This is why it’s important to incorporate Plain Language writing to your content so that you can ensure your audience knows what you’re talking about.

The purpose should answer why you’re on social media. What’s the reason your brand is on social media? Is it to sell a product/service, entertain users, inform them, educate them? It’s critical that your brand knows why they are on social media because if not, the content you’re developing will be random and won’t make sense with your brand.

For example, The Home Depot Case Study. There happened to be a significant tornado that hit a small town destroying just about everything everywhere. When this tragedy hit, people from the community went to Home Depot to get supplies to help the community and all that was left was cement walls. Home Depot saw this tragedy and went to Twitter to connect with the Red Cross to help get the community back and rebuild what had been destroyed.

The purpose of the brand going to social media was that they saw a community in need of supplies to re-build and since they are a hardware store specializing in products for building, they decided to connect with the Red Cross and reach out and give a helping hand to the community.


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