Assignment #5

Question #3

3. “With a 90% employment rate & the most up-to-date #Advertising & Marketing curriculum in Ontario, @stclairadv provides nothing but the best!”


Assuming that St. Clair College is writing for high school students that are seeking a program that delivers them with the most up to date digital curriculum, I feel that my tweet is directed to the audience perfectly.


St. Clair College, as a brand, has a very professional, well educated and put together feel. Since they are a College, it’s important that the content developed for their social media platforms is written in a very thought out and professional manner, incorporating proper grammar and spelling. There’s nothing worse than reading a tweet for a school that has spelling or grammatical errors because then it gives off a very unprofessional tone resulting in students seeking college elsewhere.


When developing the tweet for St. Clair College, I decided that even though I am currently in the program and have experience in the course, I should still research the program and gain a bit more information. I decided to really focus in on the “highlights” of the program and the benefits it provides so I can tell users why St. Clair College’s Advertising and Marketing program can benefit them.


I decided to include the 90% employment rate that St. Clair College’s Marketing and Advertising program has provided because the whole point of going to college is to get an education to eventually get a job. When users see that St. Clair Colleges Advertising and Marketing program has 90% employment rate it’s going to spark interest from users and get them to really look into the program and what else it has to offer.


I also decided to incorporate that St. Clair College’s Advertising and Marketing Program provides students with the most “up-to-date curriculum in Ontario” because it lets users know that St. Clair College’s program is the best of the best. By incorporating these 2 benefits it clearly helps separate St. Clair College’s Advertising & Marketing program from other colleges out there, which is another advantage for St. Clair.


In order to get a lot of visibility and traffic with this particular tweet, I decided that it would be a good idea to incorporate a hashtag and an “@” mention. The reason I chose to incorporate a hashtag into my tweet was for the simple reason of serving the purpose of getting the tweet discovered. If Twitter users were searching for “#Advertising” St. Clair College’s tweet would show up for users to view. I also decided to incorporate an “@” mention by tagging St. Clair College’s Marketing and Advertising twitter account, that way if users are further interested and want some more information they can click on “@stclairadv” and get directed to the account.


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