Assignment #5

Question #4

4. As digital natives it’s super important that we learn how to write for social media because we are the generation that knows and understands the in’s and out’s of social media the best. Living in such a digital and technology driven day in age, we are starting to see everything turn to digital. Advertisers are now coming to social media to advertise and market their products and services to reach today’s consumer.


Writing for social media is different from writing content for any other medium. You must be relevant and spark enough interest in users to get them to read or view your posts. With every social media platform comes different content. No content should be the exact same. The content should be changed for each medium but should still maintain to align the content with one specific goal. For example, the content I would tweet out on Twitter would be different than the content I post on Instagram.


It’s important that when you’re developing content for your social media platforms that you base it on quality and not quantity. Many businesses tend to fall into this and spend more time on the quantity rather than the actual quality of the post. In order to make it effective, keep it short, sweet and to the point and make sure that your message is coming across. Don’t ramble on and add in lots of fluff. Your message will become lost and the post will no longer be effective.


Another important factor to focus in on when learning to write for social media is to ensure that your content is easily scannable and that you are writing to get conversations started with users. Users are always scrolling down their timelines and feeds on social media platforms, so it’s important that the content is written in a way that it’s easily scannable. This way if users just scan through it they will still be receiving the message you’re trying to convey. Social Media conversations are something that can be very effective to businesses. Getting users active in conversations is very beneficial as users express their thoughts, suggestions, what they’re doing, etc. This information is great to have as you, a business, can sit back and listen to your users and effectively respond back to them.


It’s crucial that we, as digital natives, learn how to write for social media because that’s now who our “everyday consumer” is turning to. Now that social media is present in our everyday lives, our generation, along with the next upcoming generations in the future will use social media in their everyday life, resulting in social media becoming the most effective way to reach users.


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