Question #3


Banner: Tone: Message:
Brand Awareness Welcoming and Professional The messaging for this banner was to show future students where their journey would begin if they chose to take the Advertising and Marketing Program at St. Clair College. The messaging throughout this banner is designed to create interest for users and get them aware of the many opportunities that St. Clair College’s Advertising and Marketing Program provides for students.


The messaging was designed to create interest in high school students as well as the rest of the target audience to get them thinking at about St. Clair Colleges Advertising and Marketing Program.


I decided to incorporate Plain English Writing and bullet points throughout this banner to get my point across briefly and effectively to consumers in a language and writing styles that’s easy to read and understand no matter what education level.

Program Details Informative and Professional Like the Brand Awareness banner I also feel like the messaging for this particular banner is professional but it is also very informative at the same time.


The messaging for this banner is designed to inform users about all the program highlights and unique, well known features that no other Advertising and Marketing program can provide their students with.


For this banner, I decided to incorporate a little bit more content because I wanted to make sure that all users who read my banner felt somewhat educated on what St. Clair College’s Advertising and marketing programs provides for their students.

College Tour Welcoming and Professional Just at the Brand Awareness banner, the college tour banner incorporates a very welcoming and professional tone. The purposed of this message is to get potential students to St. Clair College and touring the Marketing and Advertising program and seeing all the unique elements it has to offer.


I decided to bold, underline and size certain parts of the text in this banner to emphasize the messaging. By emphasizing certain words in the content it makes the content look very striking and it grabs your attention, making you want to read more.


I incorporated a high quality visual of the Detroit River to show users just how beautiful St. Clair College’s downtown campus really is, overall persuading them to come to the college.


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