Question #4:


Banner: Link: Justification:
Brand Awareness I recommend to link St. Clair College’s Advertising and Marketing program website to the “Brand Awareness” banner. I recommend that they link this because then if users are interested in finding out more information about the program, then they can click on the ad and it will redirect them to the landing page, being St. Clair College’s Advertising & Marketing website.


This will maximize conversions as it will generate more traffic to the website and more users will become aware of the program.

Program Details My recommendation is St. Clair should link the “Program Details” banner with the St. Clair College Advertising and Marketing About Page from their website.


In this banner I incorporated a “button” so that if users would like more information in regards to the program, they can click on the button and it will redirect users to the “about” landing page.


This will also help maximize conversions, as it will again generate a lot of traffic to the site. The content in this particular ad is very compelling and sparks interest so I feel as though that it would be beneficial for St. Clair College’s Advertising & Marketing program if they linked their “about” page to their banner ad.

College Tour This would be a great idea to link the contact page for St. Clair College’s Marketing & Advertising program because if users are interested in booking college tours they can book one by contacting St. Clair College.


By incorporating the link of the contact page, it will allow users to send St. Clair College an email/message about booking a tour in just one click. They simply would just click the “book a tour” button and they would be redirected to the “contact us” page.



Question #3


Banner: Tone: Message:
Brand Awareness Welcoming and Professional The messaging for this banner was to show future students where their journey would begin if they chose to take the Advertising and Marketing Program at St. Clair College. The messaging throughout this banner is designed to create interest for users and get them aware of the many opportunities that St. Clair College’s Advertising and Marketing Program provides for students.


The messaging was designed to create interest in high school students as well as the rest of the target audience to get them thinking at about St. Clair Colleges Advertising and Marketing Program.


I decided to incorporate Plain English Writing and bullet points throughout this banner to get my point across briefly and effectively to consumers in a language and writing styles that’s easy to read and understand no matter what education level.

Program Details Informative and Professional Like the Brand Awareness banner I also feel like the messaging for this particular banner is professional but it is also very informative at the same time.


The messaging for this banner is designed to inform users about all the program highlights and unique, well known features that no other Advertising and Marketing program can provide their students with.


For this banner, I decided to incorporate a little bit more content because I wanted to make sure that all users who read my banner felt somewhat educated on what St. Clair College’s Advertising and marketing programs provides for their students.

College Tour Welcoming and Professional Just at the Brand Awareness banner, the college tour banner incorporates a very welcoming and professional tone. The purposed of this message is to get potential students to St. Clair College and touring the Marketing and Advertising program and seeing all the unique elements it has to offer.


I decided to bold, underline and size certain parts of the text in this banner to emphasize the messaging. By emphasizing certain words in the content it makes the content look very striking and it grabs your attention, making you want to read more.


I incorporated a high quality visual of the Detroit River to show users just how beautiful St. Clair College’s downtown campus really is, overall persuading them to come to the college.


Question #2



Banner Overview Justification
Brand Awareness “3 Year Program, 90% Enrollment Rate, Four Week Internship… Your Future Starts HERE”



This banner features a blurred out background of students working on advertisements in an advertising lab. I decided to incorporate the “key benefits” that St. Clair College’s Advertising and Marketing program provides their students with. I decided to end the banner with “Your Future Starts Here” as they have played off of that messaging in their past advertisements.

I decided to design and include the content I did for banner #1 because the objective of this banner was to create awareness of the brand, which in this case is St. Clair College’s Advertising and Marketing Program.


Since the brand is St. Clair College Advertising and Marketing, I thought it would be a cool idea to implement a visual of students working on advertisements in a lab. Not only does that ad a unique element to the banner but it provides users with a visual of what it’s really like to be an advertising student.


I decided to go with point form bullets of the many benefits St. Clair College’s Advertising and Marketing program provides their students with to draw attention from users and make them aware of the many benefits this program provides.


I felt it was best to incorporate bullet points because it allows me to get my message across without going too in depth and providing lots of content. It’s best to keep your message short and to get the point across with as little content as possible.


Program Details  

“ Faculty of Experienced Industry Professionals”


“12 Social, Mobile & Digital Marketing Media Courses”


“The most “up-to-date” advertising & marketing communications in Ontario”


“Develop Skills in PR, Events, Social, Marketing, Advertising and More!”



This banner includes an image of a computer in a dark computer lab. The image on the computer displays an ad/design type project that someone was working on. I thought this would be a cool direction to go for a “pop-up” since I have more room to make the banner more visually appealing.



For this banner my objective was to really show users what St. Clair College’s program is like. I played off the idea of showing users an “inside look” as to what St. Clair College’s Marketing and Advertising program is really like.


I decided to use the image of the computer for my banner because I feel like it represents what we advertising and marketing students spend most of our time doing. This puts a picture in the mind of users now when they think of the program.


When developing my content for this pop up banner I focused on finding key points that would appeal to my audience. I included the 4 separate pieces of content because I wanted to highlight the unique and well known program features that St. Clair College’s Advertising and Marketing Program offers students as an overall audience.


I made sure to implement the design tricks of keeping it simple, one message, image, etc, incorporate a call to action in each “pain” so that no matter what “pain” the user is at, there will be somewhere for users to click and find further info.





To get the point across to users that St. Clair College has one of the most top of the line, high end, thought out and well designed Marketing & Advertising programs in all of Ontario. Since that’s something the program is highly praised for I thought what better way to incorporate that message and spread it out to users than by using it in one of the banners.

College Tour “4 State of-the-Art Facilities”


“Tour our Riverview downtown campus”


“Meet our seasoned professional faculty”


“Join us for a tour a our Centre of The Arts Campus”


“Visit our state-of-the-art classrooms and design labs”


My plan for this campaign was to develop a very unique and out of the box banner.   When I think of college tours I think of walking around a boring brick walled school, looking into lecture rooms, labs, etc. I wanted to take a different approach for St. Clair College’s Advertising and Marketing program. I decided to take advantage of the fact that the St. Clair Centre of Arts Campus is located right on the river front and has river view classrooms and areas for students to study. I wanted to incorporate this because it brings a new and exciting element and visual to what is normally and boring experience.

For this banner I wanted to go for a completely different approach. Similar to my other banners, I focused mainly on keeping the banner visually pleasing, but for this banner I wanted to incorporate and play off the fact of being located right on the riverfront.


When developing this banner I made sure to keep it balanced by placing text and images on every page. I again, kept it simple and avoided creating clutter throughout my banner. I used short text to make sure that my banner was scannable if a user was scrolling down the page, and I implemented a call to action by placing a button at the bottom of all of my banners, getting users to click and book a tour at St. Clair


Overall, my goal of these banners were to keep them short, sweet, to the point and to create interest and “buzz” about St. Clair College’s Advertising and Marketing programs. I wanted to incorporate Plain English Writing in my content so all users are able to read and understand my banners with ease. I also wanted to utilize strong and persuasive headlines, primarily to get users excited and wanting to know more about the program. I implemented CTA’s on every banner to get users onto the St. Clair College Advertising and Marketing website to gain that extra bit of information if need be, and I also focused on keeping balance throughout my ads.


Assignment #5

Question #4

4. As digital natives it’s super important that we learn how to write for social media because we are the generation that knows and understands the in’s and out’s of social media the best. Living in such a digital and technology driven day in age, we are starting to see everything turn to digital. Advertisers are now coming to social media to advertise and market their products and services to reach today’s consumer.


Writing for social media is different from writing content for any other medium. You must be relevant and spark enough interest in users to get them to read or view your posts. With every social media platform comes different content. No content should be the exact same. The content should be changed for each medium but should still maintain to align the content with one specific goal. For example, the content I would tweet out on Twitter would be different than the content I post on Instagram.


It’s important that when you’re developing content for your social media platforms that you base it on quality and not quantity. Many businesses tend to fall into this and spend more time on the quantity rather than the actual quality of the post. In order to make it effective, keep it short, sweet and to the point and make sure that your message is coming across. Don’t ramble on and add in lots of fluff. Your message will become lost and the post will no longer be effective.


Another important factor to focus in on when learning to write for social media is to ensure that your content is easily scannable and that you are writing to get conversations started with users. Users are always scrolling down their timelines and feeds on social media platforms, so it’s important that the content is written in a way that it’s easily scannable. This way if users just scan through it they will still be receiving the message you’re trying to convey. Social Media conversations are something that can be very effective to businesses. Getting users active in conversations is very beneficial as users express their thoughts, suggestions, what they’re doing, etc. This information is great to have as you, a business, can sit back and listen to your users and effectively respond back to them.


It’s crucial that we, as digital natives, learn how to write for social media because that’s now who our “everyday consumer” is turning to. Now that social media is present in our everyday lives, our generation, along with the next upcoming generations in the future will use social media in their everyday life, resulting in social media becoming the most effective way to reach users.